Below Grade (Subsurface) & Confined Space 3D Scanning


MatterScan has been providing below-grade and subterranean 3D laser scanning services to municipalities for over 5 years.

Our patented GibbetMount™ subsurface deployment system, coupled with our 3D laser scanners and cameras, enables us to collect this data safely and proficiently, without service or system interruption.

Response from our clients

Below grade utilities and subterranean infrastructure, such as manholes, can present some of the world’s most hazardous environments, while collecting existing condition data inside of them is critical for maintenance and planning. We have scanned and modeled below-grade manholes, pumps, tanks, wastewater inverts and drainage systems across the United States accurately and efficiently, capturing data in locations where accessibility is difficult and can be unsafe.

Our inverted scanners collect the smallest details in highly congested areas without direct human entry into manholes or other confined spaces. That’s great news as it allows us to do this work while being OSHA compliant without the extra expense and burden of confined space entry training and oversight.

The 3D data that we collect helps to provide the basis for municipalities to create sustainable, well-maintained and reliable water and wastewater systems that comply with regulatory requirements, as well as facility upgrades and expansions.