Certifications which move your project forward

  • GibbetMount™ Subterranean Camera System – Our flagship device invented to extend the use of a Matterport camera allowing it to scan in a downward direction. In addition to inventing GibbetMount™, we also retrofit legacy Matterport cameras, converting them to scan upside down on their own, allowing them to create seamless data collection.

  • Extended Height Tripods for FARO, LEICA and Matterport – For reaching much higher than other tripods on the market, and due to their steel construction, with much less pendulum effect. This allows us to capture large and complex spaces from multiple perspectives, which creates a more comprehensive digital model.

  • “Johnny-5” Surface Deployment System – A compact and mobile non-entry surface deployment system that allows for the safe, accurate collection of existing condition data in a variety of hazardous subterranean environments.
    Non-conductive solution for scanning dangerous electrical areas where metal devices are restricted.