Point Cloud Modeling


How You Scan Matters” because it’s not just employing our high-end technology, but of going the distance and understanding our client’s needs.
Capturing the space from every possible angle using our unconventional methods of data collection to recreate an accurate Digital Twin.

From our proprietary extended height tripods to our patented subterranean GibbetMount™ deployment system, we capture all the accurate, comprehensive data required for complete CAD feature extraction and BIM. We offer BIM services of Structural, MEP, Architectural, Revit (Autodesk suite of deliverables), reverse engineering & clash detection.

Many of our clients have learned that having MatterScan model the collected point cloud and develop and deliver the 3D vectorized existing condition 3D model results in faster project turnaround, allowing them to work on the project’s design phase faster and more efficiently.

Point Cloud Modeling Deliverables:

Revit • Autocad • Civil 3D • Navisworks • ReCap • .dgn Format • Mesh or .OBJ file

The need to capture existing real-world conditions in a digital format has become increasingly more vital across all industries.
MatterScan provides the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver an intelligent model of accurate existing conditions, derived from point clouds, in a timely manner to meet your project deadlines.
Our dedicated team of 3D design experts have modeled scan data for hundreds of projects, from small plastic parts, wastewater treatment facilities, to fuel systems and chemical processing plants. Understanding the workflow, the technology, and how to navigate through the point cloud data is paramount to rapidly creating an accurate 3D model of the existing conditions.