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Duck Island

Lowell Regional Wastewater Utility

Lowell was very excited to get the imaging done at the facility and the remote sites. It provides great value internally for employees and externally to contractors, engineers, and other vendors used onsite. Internally, we are able to use it for trainings and we as in meetings go to certain rooms and identify the pumps/areas under investigation. 
We are creating a robust work order system and this will tie into the WO system allowing managers to identify pumps, valves, etc. to the employee before they go and fulfill the work order. Externally we see this as a great cost saver, especially working with consulting engineers.


The precision of the scans will allow the design engineers to see the space and measure which in turn will result in less travel and time onsite to do some of these investigations. It will also allow some of the engineers, who never come on site, to see the space and understand if the 2d drawing will actually work, or if there are real world conflicts (piping, storage, etc.) that was never conveyed to them through their other employees onsite.
Also giving these scans to general contractors will allow for better estimations and cheaper construction costs, change orders, and time of construction.
Evan Walsh
Engineering Supervisor

Duck Island represents a major achievement in 3D scanning/modeling. With it’s half mile of underground tunnels connecting several large facilities, capturing it all with a combination of Leica BLK and Matterport required 1800 unique scan positions. Of particular note was the difficulty of accurately creating a “closed-loop” of tunnel system, alining such a structure with no external points of reference is like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

Special thanks to the development team at Matterport Co, who were successful in generating one massive model that has proven hugely helpful in orientating viewers as to key positions within the facility.

Lake Champlain Water District

It was a pleasure to work with MatterScan to develop a 3D scan and AutoCad model of our Lake Water Pump Station and High Service Pump Room. The scans are comprehensive, accurate, and your work was efficient. These models will be used for the design of future pipe gallery renovations for the facilities. The 3D scan process is much more efficient, accurate, and cost effective than the alternative of hand measuring each pipe length and joint and then drawing 2 dimensional plans. Thank you for making Champlain Water District aware of this technology, it was a pleasure to work with you and we hope to use MatterScan to complete 3D scans of additional facilities in the future.
Andrew Legg, PE
Projects & Programs Engineer - Champlain Water District

Complete 3D scan and model of upper and Lower Pump rooms of the Champlain Water Resource Authority building.
Deliverables included 3D Tour / Model and AutoCad model.

Barnstable, Massachusetts Project

Barnstable, Mass Wastewater Treatment

It has been a pleasure working with John from MatterScan. He's a responsive, professional and a quick thinker - finding creative ways to capture challenging and potentially hazardous environments. We will be using him again for our future projects.
Robert J. Delgado
Chief Operator / Deputy Division Supervisor
Barnstable Dept. of Public Works

MatterScan collected and modeled existing condition data of several key facilities within the Town’s wastewater infrastructure. 
These facilities included pump stations, headworks, manholes and much of the supporting infrastructure.

Using our 3D photogrammetry software, we extracted point clouds from our drone-captured aerial photographs and combined them with the building interior 3D terrestrial scans. From the combined data, we generated accurate 3d Revit models of systems that are being considered for reconfiguration and/or upgrades. In addition to the development of the 3D models, our rapid data collection systems reduced time and increased safety in the field.

Gloucester, Mass Infrastructure

Massive Sediment Basin 3D Model

Thank you so much for this very comprehensive data collection and fantastic models of our infrastructure.
Your models have been invaluable in the detection of cracks in our concrete and have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in inspections for our scheduled repairs
and renovations.
Larry Durkin, PE
City of Gloucester, Mass

City of Gloucester Mass.
Scanned all of the waste water infrastructure for planned renovations.
Deliverables included 3D models and tours of all major facilities including massive sediment, flocculation basins and an enormous clear well.
Project included dozens of wet wells, with fantastic use of subterranean camera deployments.

Biddeford, Maine Project

The flow calculations that our controls guy has put together for us using your data is SUPER cool and a major improvement.
We are almost to the point where we can quantify how much fluid each station pumps to the plant. All trended and totalized. Couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks again. I’ll keep spreading the word about your services.
Alex Buechner
City of Biddeford Maine

Using GibbetMount™ and a Matterport Pro camera, we scanned and modeled all of the pumping stations and wet wells in the City of Biddeford Maine. 
Deliverables included virtual 3D tours and AutoCad models.